Anderson Cooper: How I see homeless people now

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We all have support networks. We all have family and friends and a job and things that support us when we trip. These (homeless people) are people who have burned through those support networks. And that’s the only difference. -ANDERSON COOPER
You’re asking very personal questions. I think we were surprised by how upfront people were (the homeless people). And how honest people were. And how people seem to appreciate you just talking to them like a regular person. -ANDERSON COOPER
SSo many people walk by homeless people all the time. I’ve done it. You pretend you don’t see them. There’s a homeless guy who camps right outside my house actually. And it was interesting, because I noticed before he really annoyed me (him pan-handling, etc), and after this story, I asked him his name, I say hello to him, I talk to him. Before the story I just ignored him. I just pretended he wasn’t there. And after the story I was like, this is ridiculous. This is my issue. Me pretending not to see this person is insane. And offensive. And it humanizes people – anytime you stop and talk to somebody, and you learn about them, you will start to walk in their shoes a little bit, and you see things through a different lens. -ANDERSON COOPER
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