Beyond HELLO: Changing the Perception of Homelessness | Kristi Blakeway | TEDxWestVancouverED

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Homelessness is not just about a lack of housing. It’s about trauma. It’s about emotional pain and broken connections.
The homeless have stories to tell.  
~~When we begin to repair relationships and connect as people, only then will we overcome the pain of the streets and rekindle the human spirit.  
~~Next time you see someone who has lost their connection with society, i invite you to go beyond “hello”. Look in their eyes and see their untold story.  
~~Treat the homeless like a neighbor you have yet to meet, or a child whose spark has yet to ignite. 
~~Engage with curiosity rather than judgment. 
~~The people on the streets may be hungry – but they are hungry for so much more than food. 
~~They are hungry for LOVE.  
~~They are hungry for HOPE.  
~~And they are hungry for HUMAN CONNECTION. 
Together, let’s change the perception of homelessness.

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