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It has to be compassion, grace, and empathy (the solution to homelessness). We have value because we are humans.
How do you build a cargo net? To pluck somebody out of the water and put them into housing. HOUSING FIRST.The idea that I have to get my crap together before I can get a house has to be eliminated. Because there are legitimate barriers to getting housing.
— Mental health issues is one of those. 
— Substance abuse (drugs and alcohol).
— Physical disabilities. 
We must provide permanent housing abilities for folks that are experiencing physical disabilities.
PTSD makes it tough to get a job. 
Once you fall off, it’s tough to re-engage.
Already when you’re out homeless, people ignore you and make you feel ashamed.

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Those who do not have all of these barriers – they should move on to becoming a homeowner, from being a tenant. We must teach budgeting. 
How can you help? Be a community investor (using your time to be a friend/volunteer at homeless shelters).
We must decide that our community is only the best to live in when we have created a net for everyone, including the homeless.

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