Employ and empower the homeless community | Alice Rebecca Thompson | TEDxGlasgow

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1) patience
2) commitment
3) and additional support alongside their employment
***You can’t just give these guys a job and an income, and expect them not to go and spend it on alcohol. We had to provide counseling. An hours worth once a week. It would be compulsory as part of their employment (they had to turn up to this session).
~~The homeless understand that it’s a trained professional who will check in with them once a week and it’s a safe place for them to express themselves.
Homeless members can be fully functional in society.
Any of you who own a company or want to start a business – should try to employ just one of them. Yeah they might take more time and support and you must be kind and patient and give them more chances than anybody else. We call ourselves a developed country – but we exclude these people and we ignore them. Employ and empower the homeless community – we just need to work a little harder.

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Once you understand the gravity of others hurting you, you understand the situation in the proper context and that is powerful. Thereby you are better able to employ them with empathy. 

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