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Working as a day laborer, he built upon the insights he had gained, while teaching at a school for orphans in a fishing village of Kenya— the disconnect between those who want help and those who want to provide it. From this experience, Snook and Pete DeMarco co-founded a temporary services organization, with an innovative rewards program that incentivizes workers to fulfill their goals, resulting in better outcomes for the workers, the companies hiring them, and ultimately the community. ieslaborservices.com
Each of us knows, that great stories require great obstacles.
Most of us will spend our entire lives trying to avoid them (obstacles).
THE MESSAGE OF SELF-PRESERVATION SAYS: avoid obstacles at all costs (“it’s not the right time”. “it’s too difficult”. “how will this pay for my mortgage”. “what will other people think of me”).
But we can never always escape obstacles.  They will catch up with us. We all have to face loss, failure, and even death. 
Furthermore, when we listen to these reasons, we slowly build silos around ourselves that disconnect us from the realities of the world; from the needs and cries of society. And none of us can live a meaningful life while disconnected from others. People disconnect from the poor out of cowardice | pride | selfishness | greed; all of which are vices.
So what’s the solution? When we help others overcome their obstacles, we ultimately overcome our own. I know it sounds crazy. How can we give up a piece of ourselves and ultimately gain more than what we’ve lost. But as I began to put workers ahead of myself, it gave me a sense of meaning and purpose that’d i’d never felt before: that no obstacle could interfere with and no circumstance could change.

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We invest in more than 100 workers lives on a daily basis. More than 30 found permanent positions through our company with our customers. And our dream is to replicate this across the country.
Examine your own heart. Examine your own story. And know that the obstacle you’ve gone through, the obstacle you’re going through, the one you will be going through, or like me the one you’re trying to avoid: is your opportunity to LOVE a world that desperately needs it.
And when you help them overcome their obstacle, you’ll find a sense of meaning and purpose that is far greater than you can ever ask or imagine. 
We all start off wanting to be different things (doctors. teachers. lawyers).  But it’s for the same reason: each of us desires in our hearts to live for something greater than ourselves. To serve and not to be served.  And that is the only STORY that can change this world. 

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