Hope for the homeless | Karyn Walsh | TEDxSouthBank

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Karyn is committed to finding new ways to end and prevent homelessness. Her leadership is focused on implementing a housing first approach, which requires integrating healthcare with community services as a critical resource to enable people to improve their quality of life, sustain housing and reduce reliance on hospital care.
Every child and adult has a right to a home, an income, healthcare, education, safety, dignity and connection with their community of choice.
Homelessness is a major public health issue that needs a response. People live on our streets at risk of dying. 
51% have a high mortality risk.
55% in treatment for mental health.
32% had a brain injury.
50% had been victims of crime after they were homeless.
***How to make the change to move into permanent housing.
Solving a housing crises, domestic violence, mental illness, unemployment and poverty are all interconnected.

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Homelessness can happen to any of us, if our personal circumstances and our economic hardship collide. But if we keep the status quo, inequality will only grow. We have to build communities that are inclusive and that treat people with Dignity; that are accountable so that we are all safe, and our well-being is achieved.
Solutions to homelessness are possible but they take more than the good works of individuals. REAL CHANGE, means that we have to create innovative systems where ordinary people can do extraordinary things.. We know as citizens, we know that we can build community and we can solve homelessness.
Spending $503,000 and proactively addressing the health and housing needs of people experiencing homelessness in Brisbane AUS saved between $6.45-$6.9 million dollars.
Solving homelessness is possible but requires more than the efforts of individuals doing good work. Real change comes through innovative systems that enable ordinary people to create solutions and belong to a community.

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