How do the poor see life? Uneducated, not stupid | Rajen Makhijani | TEDxNTU

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Rajen explores how the social class a person is in influences their opinions of themselves and perception of life. He compares how their choices and through the lens of social class it is often mis-perceived as being ‘stupid’, they being ‘uneducated’. 
The higher the GDP per capita, the lower the meaning of life.
The poor do not trust because they know that the rest of us will allow the corrupt system to flourish.
So where do we start: explore. The poor have a higher ability to read emotions accurately (knowing whether to trust somebody or not). They are also more generous.
The higher the GDP, the lower the meaning of life is valued.
Religiosity and the more number of kids, the higher is the meaning of life.
The richer the country – the lower the meaning of life.
Education is inversely related to the meaning of life. So am i advocating toward lowering education? No. But take off the glasses and go explore.

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To go and look for another you is the process of renewing you and finding a renewed you. To be able to look at the lives of others, i wanted to go beyond living the life on paper. With these learnings – i shared a dream of living in a world based on fairness, justice and equality. And then something special happened when enough of us got together to live that dream. I feel empowered. Humbled. Engaged. I also feel privileged to unlock and take that privilege. When are you going to take a peek behind the glass-door of class?

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