How do we end generational poverty: Dominique Lee at TEDxUofM

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The more serious cause of poverty is hidden behind the very real problem of racial and ethnic discrimination. 
Throughout history the condition of poverty was the condition of landlessness.
And, landlessness for the majority of people in a society or even a significant minority of the people is caused by the systems of property law and taxation that secure and protect entrenched landed privilege.
In almost every country, including the United States, fewer than 5% of the population controls upwards of 90-95% of the total land value. 
The landed are thereby able to claim a very high portion of what the remainder of the population produces.  
What they claim is referred to in works of political economists as the “rent” of land, a value that is societally-produced but under current laws is individually-appropriated.

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A long list of philosophers and other thoughtful people have identified the problem of land rent monopoly and tried to do something about it. Adam Smith wrote extensively about this in his book Wealth of Nations. Winston Churchill in his early political life declared that monopoly in all its forms was the cause of most of our problems, and that land monopoly was “the mother of all monopolies.”
The only way to eliminate poverty is to eliminate monopoly privilege, to create the basis for a full employment society. Adding highly educated and highly skilled people to the labor pool without an expansion in the number of jobs available eventually leaves people competing with one another for fewer and fewer jobs. Poverty is shifted but never reduced.

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