Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash – Rutger Bregman

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The poor are not making dumb decisions because they are dumb, but they’re living in a context in which anyone would make dumb decisions.
Investments in education are ineffective — poverty is NOT a lack of knowledge.  
The psychology of poverty — George Orwell experienced poverty and stated — “the essence of poverty is that it annihilates the future”.
We so often treat the symptoms but ignore the underlying cause of poverty.  
So why don’t we change the context in which the poor live? Why keep tinkering around with the software?
Milton Freedman – basic income guaranteed (monthly stipend enough to pay for food, shelter, education) — completely unconditional – nobody tells u how to spend the money.
Dauphin Canada — everyone in this small town was guaranteed a small income (ensuring no poverty!)…… then a new gov’t was established… 25 yrs went by, and an analysis found records– the experiment had been a resounding success. .. the school performance had become great. hospitalization rate went down. domestic violence rates went down… similar results have since been found in other experiences from the USA to India.
When it comes to poverty – we the rich should stop pretending we know best — we should stop sending shoes. The great thing about money is people can buy things they need rather than what the rich think the poor need.
Basic income is venture capital for the people… poverty is hugely expensive. 
The cost of child poverty in the US is estimated at 500Billion per year (i.e. higher health care spending. higher drop out rates. more crime).  
For 175B, you could lift all impoverished Americans above the poverty line.
THE COST TO END POVERTY = $175 Billion <—— now THIS should be our goal
BASIC income is so much more than just another policy. It is also a complete re-think of what work actually is – and it will not only free the poor but the rest of us. Many people feel their jobs have little meaning in their lives for them.
Just imagine how much talent we’re wasting simply because we tell our kids they have to “earn a living”. 
The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people “click ads”  (Fb marketing, etc) —- WHAT A SHAME. 
We CANNOT stick to the status quo. We need NEW IDEAS.
I believe in a future where the value of a your work is not determined by the size of your paycheck, but by the amount of happiness you spend and the amount of meaning you give.
I believe in the future where the point of education is not to prepare you for another useful job but for a life well lived.
I believe in a future where an existence without poverty is not a privilege but a RIGHT we all deserve. 
So here we are, here we are – we’ve got the research, we’ve got the evidence – and we’ve got the means…….. Now — more than 500 years after Thomas Moore first wrote about basic income, and 100 years after George Orwell discovered the true nature of poverty — we all need to change our world view, because POVERTY IS NOT A LACK OF CHARACTER, POVERTY IS A LACK OF CASH…..
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