Poverty versus privilege: Ashley Canas at TEDxLincoln

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What I have discovered is that there is some poverty in privilege and some privilege in poverty. There is poverty in beauty, poverty in thinking, and poverty in lack of perspective. My several encounters with poverty have led me to believe that this is not about judging, but merely an observation of what I have witnessed. The most important thing that I learned in life is to never give up. 
Canas grew up in Cozad, Nebraska, in poverty with a single mother, but then was the first person in her family to receive a college degree and completed graduate school with a 4.0.  Not bad for such humble beginnings. She believes that the ability to pioneer change starts inside each one of us,  through increased awareness, perseverance and strong, caring actions.  We must be resilient and desire to be more.
There may be no hope to resolve poverty unless we have tremendous hope to look at it for what it is.
Poverty is more than being hungry.
There’s mental poverty (those who are rich but feel horrible inside)
Privilege is really a special opportunity to do something that makes you proud (a sense of belonging that no dollar amount could buy).
We do not have to accept Poverty – we should be allowed to dream. We must look at the real face of poverty. We need to honestly tackle the greed that enables Poverty to flourish.
It is what YOU DO with your poverty stricken situation that MATTERS..

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