Rethinking The Paradigm of Poverty | Jennifer Gurecki | TEDxUniversityofNevada

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Through her own research and personal experience, Jennifer Gurecki has learned that conceptualizing poverty as only lack of financial resources will not help us end poverty. 
Understanding how other forms of capital – social, natural, and human – contribute to poverty is essential to grasping the complexity of poverty and ultimately how each of us can become part of the solution to ending it. 
— very powerful, she speaks on the IMF! and how GDP is measured falsely to not contribute to fighting poverty (the measuring of progress is faulty).  
–The poor don’t need our pity, they need our partnership……..Move away the trap of “them” and “us”. If you can help re-change the narrative, the impoverished might be able to get the resources they need that will make their lives better. Ending poverty is about doing for ourselves because what’s good for the poor will ultimately end up being good for all of us too. 

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