Using Brain Science to Create New Pathways out of Poverty: Beth Babcock at TEDxBeaconStreet

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It wasn’t that long ago that finding a job to get out of poverty was pretty straightforward. Jobs were plentiful and you didn’t need a lot of education to find a good job and decent wages in construction, transportation, or the public sector. But the world has changed drastically since then. Family sustaining jobs now require education beyond high-school, public supports for the poor have been slashed, and the bottom half of Americans are losing earnings.  This talk will show how we use new findings from science and technology to help us design better programs that lead to new pathways out of poverty.
The lasting impacts of poverty on the brain.
Poverty affects our memory, focus, follow-through, motor skills, behavioral control, language memory (the effects of poverty on executive functioning).
If we’ve been experiencing this stress for years — our brain wiring changes.
The very areas of the brain (to optimize our time and resources) that we need are the areas that poverty wipes out! That’s not a very nice thing to hear about science.

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We must create new brain wirings essentially. Playing cognitive apps that help improve mental skills.  Who are sitting down with counselors – and are getting their issues arrayed and figuring out what next step tomorrow they can make to make change and progress in life! These internal skill-sets are thereby enabling themselves to get out of homelessness and not get into it again. There are major corporations who are selling these critical thinking tests/modules for students who want to get into Law school, etc. Neurologists also apply these tests/modules on PTSD patients. We must begin to use these same modules to change the world of poverty.

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